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Nicolas Thiry
Nicolas Thiry

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It's been a while, but I'm finally back! 🎉

Welcome to my new playground / blog / portfolio / resume. I hope you will enjoy spending time reading me!

As I started this blog, I was still a junior developer studying to get my master's degree. The purpose was to write about everything I was learning at the time. Today the goal has not changed, but I've been working on a lot of cool projects and have learned a lot.

Back then, the focus was on putting my name out there on the Internet and therefore work on the SEO rather than on the visual aspect of the website.

After months/years of reflection, sketch designs, prototypes, abandoned projects, I have finally achieved to build a website that I believe reflects my identity.

Welcome to my new personal space.

As mentioned above, this will be some kind of playground. A place where I write about things I've discovered and try out new things. This was an opportunity for me to discover the React framework Next.js and more cool libraries that I will elaborate on in further posts. You can see this as my digital garden as explained in this amazing post from @jhooks.

So if you are interested in Javascript, React, Ruby on Rails, or just frontend stuff, feel free to follow me on Twitter to be informed of any new posts!

As a reminder, this is my playground, not a final version. Expect things to change in the future.

Thank you for visiting my website.

You can get in touch with me on Twitter @nicolasthy

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