Nicolas Thiry

About me

Hi there ! My name is Nicolas Thiry and I am 23. I am currently studying at EPSI, an IT school in Lyon, France. I also work part time at an online driving school where I am a front-end developer.

Born in France from a german father and a french mother, I have been travelling since then. I had the opportunity to live in Germany, France and many english spoken countries, including the USA, England and Ireland. These allowed me to learn the english language and the culture of each of them in addition to German and French.

Passionate by the web, I have learned as a self-taught person and in school the tools to be a successful web designer and developer. I am following new trends and eager to learn new technologies and platforms to help me improve my computing skills. My objective is to complete a Master degree in IT to start my professional career in Software Development, preferably linked to the Web environment.

Nicolas Thiry

Front-end developer



HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, C#, Swift, Ruby

Librairies & Frameworks

jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass, Symfony 2, Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net, React.js, Redux, Node


SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle


Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans, Sublime Text, Atom, Xcode


Wordpress, Joomla!, Spina

Version Control

Git, TFS

Operating Systems

OS X, Windows, Linux

Design Software

Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch


Personal Blog

This website is a project that helps me explore new technologies and write about them. It is also a nice challenge for me to optimize it's SEO. Tags: Jekyll, SEO, Writting


iOS app and website to follow new and trending movies. Tags: Swift, Ruby on Rails, APIs


Web app to manage team projects Tags: PHP, AngularJS


Lyon, France

September 2015 - Today

Front-end Developer

  • Developing new features with Facebook's React.js and implementing them to an existing Ruby On Rails project.
  • Exploring other librairies such as Redux and React-router.
  • Custom theme creation for Spina CMS

Tags: Ruby on Rails, React.js, Spina, Wordpress

Jupiter, Florida

June - August 2015

Junior Developer

Ultimate Washer
  • Prototyping a new version of the website and it's new mobile design (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery).
  • Development of internal administration tools.
  • Working with ASP.Net MVC 6, SQL Server, TFS and Scrum.

Tags: C#, Bootstrap, jQuery, SCRUM, TFS, SQL Server

Paris, France

January - February 2014

Junior Developer

Rocket Internet - Kaymu
  • Development of a newsletter creation tool for automation of content comprised in customizable blocks, including product scrapping (images, ID, Price...).
  • The tool was developed on Joomla! with a plugin allowing PHP scripts.
  • Implementation and training of CRM teams (central and across ventures in Africa).
  • Creation of multiple static pages (HTML, CSS, Javascript) for products and promotions.

Tags: Joomla!, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

Lyon, France

May - June 2014

Junior Developer

  • Development of a CMS for rock music bands.
  • The tool was developed on Symfony2 with Propel as ORM.
  • Initiation to Symfony2 and multiple project managment tools such as Trello and Git.

Tags: Symfony2, Bootstrap, Trello, Git, MySQL

2013 - 2017


Master in Computer Science
2012 - 2013

Bellecour Ecoles d'Art - ESIA 3D

Discovery year in a 3D Animation and Modeling school.